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 Must see for all players wanting to join Core

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Nights Angels
Nights Angels

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PostSubject: Must see for all players wanting to join Core   Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:12 am

If you would like to join Core please copy/paste these questions onto your application and answer them!

1. What is your real name?

2. Do you have any nicknames?

3. Your gender (male or female):

4. How old are you?

5. When is your Birthday?

6. Where are you from?

7. Where do you live?

8. What languages do you speak?

9. How long have you been playing Tibia?

10. How often do you play Tibia?

11. Your character, it's vocation and current level:

12. Your closest friends in Tibia:

13. Why would you like to join Core?

14. Have you ever been banned? (if yes-why?)

15. Do you understand..If you are caught using bot you will be kicked from the guild?
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Must see for all players wanting to join Core
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